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COS in march of 22

Opportunity that was well taken advantage of and lasted a few days.


DAR in march of 22

Direct shot in that opportunity that was very fast.


KNC in march of 22

Opportunity that was quickly seized and yielded results above expectations.


WAVES in march of 22

Long target opportunity, with proportional risk, that is still running.

Our job

Identify opportunities and connect great traders with you

We identify and classify the opportunities in the crypto market in several ways: profit return, risk and duration. The higher the profit expectation, the greater the risk and duration tend to be.

But apart from the risk that must always be controlled, the duration and the final profit are always a surprise. An opportunity can reach its goal much faster than expected. Or even the initial profit forecast.

In addition to the opportunities that our own team identifies, you can also present the opportunities that you identify and profit by selling them to other users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are opportunities?

Opportunities are chances to profit from buying and selling cryptocurrencies. At Treidou you will find several opportunities that are identified by experts, who have a vast track record of profitability and can also see opportunities identified by someone you like and follow.

You can make available the opportunities you find and profit if someone buys the opportunity you enter in Treidou.

Already do or want to trade cryptos but don't have the time or skill to identify good profit opportunities? Use Treidou to see these opportunities.

Do you have good results and want to show others the opportunities you identify?Sell the opportunities you identify through Treidou. This way, you profit in yet another way.

How to decide which opportunity to buy?

This decision is yours. But we help you choose, showing you some parameters of each opportunity:

Profit Expectation: It is the profit possibility defined by the specialist. Expectation is presented as a percentage and is a metric. No one is quite sure what the price movement will be. So the end result of the opportunity may not reach expectations, but it may also exceed it.

Risk: All crypto trading involves risk due to price volatility. And every opportunity has its risk, which is presented as a percentage and is the maximum financial loss.

Duration: This is the expectation of how long this negotiation can take. That is, the time between the buy price and the sell price. And just like the profit expectation, the duration can also be longer or shorter than the initial expectation.

The configuration of the expectation of profit, risk and duration is done when entering the opportunity in Treidou. And it's done by the same person who enters the opportunity.

What information is available when purchasing an opportunity?

After you buy an opportunity this is what you will have access to:

Cryptocurrency code:: What is the crypto name of the opportunity and how you will identify it on your exchange, defi or other place or way you trade.

Buy Price: It is the price or price region considered to be ideal for those who entered this opportunity in Treidou. This is where the trading starts, the entry price.

Loss Price (risk): This is the price set for the maximum loss limit for this opportunity.

Target Price: This is the price to sell at a profit and the target of the opportunity. Depending on whether the price movement matches or not, this price can be changed up or down.

In addition to this information, whoever entered the opportunity can also provide access to the management of that opportunity, showing how to protect profits or reduce risk as the price moves.

How to see all information of an opportunity?

To see all the information about an opportunity, you need to buy that opportunity. And you do this using Treids, which is our internal currency and serves to speed up the buying process. In view of the volatility of cryptos, every minute counts.

Sign up to buy Treids and start taking advantage of opportunities.

When do new opportunities arise?

The crypto market doesn't stop and price movement happens all the time. This means that new opportunities can arise at any time. When we talk about price movement we are talking about volatility. And the crypto market just like any other has its cycles of high and low volatility. So it may be that in one period a lot of opportunities may arise and in another period this amount drops dramatically.

And this is precisely the reason why, instead of having monthly plans, we give you the freedom to choose the most suitable opportunity for you according to your availability for risks and deadlines. When you don't have many opportunities, you don't miss anything. And when you have many, your range of options increases.

What are Treids?

Treids is the currency you buy opportunities with. For now, the only way to buy Treids is through the Treidou app. It is important that you always have Treids in your wallet, as they serve to speed up the process of acquiring opportunities.

Treids do not expire and you can keep them in your wallet until interesting opportunities arise.

Using treids

Treids are used to buy opportunities, and each one requires a different amount of treids.

This amount is set by whoever identified and introduced the opportunity into treidou. In other words, there may be opportunities with an expectation of 1000% profit for 20 treids, while there may be opportunities of 100% profit for 40 treids.

This means that there is no table of costs for treids and everyone who enters the opportunities on Treidou puts the "price" they want.

After buying the treids, they automatically go into your wallet, and from that moment on you can buy as many opportunities as you want, according to your treid balance.

Selling Opportunities

Commonly called crypto signals, the crypto market opportunities tidentified by you can be sold on Treidou. You set the price and all opportunity settings and when someone buys you receive Dings, which can be converted into Tether (USDT) (BEP-20) or USD Coin (USDC) (BEP-20).

To configure your account as an opportunity identifier, log in to the Treidou app > enter your account settings > check the box "I am an opportunity identifier". When you do this, your account will have this new functionality.

In order for people to receive opportunities that you identify, they must include your "identifier code", which can be found in your account settings.

Step by step to sell opportunities

1. Log in the Treidou app
2. Click on the user icon
3. Go to profile
4. Enable opportunity seller mode
3. Send people your "identifier code"
4. Enter your opportunities in Treidou
5. Done

When you put an opportunity up for sale, you set the price of that opportunity in Treids, which is the token that people use to buy this opportunity.

When people start buying your opportunities, you get paid in not Treids, but in Dings that can be converted into Tether (USDT) or USD Coin (USDC) wallet. You can change the payment method in your account settings.

You who are selling opportunities will receive according to the number of people who buy your opportunities, respecting the table below:

1-50 sales: 60% of the value in Treids
50-100 sales: 70% of the value in Treids
More than 100 sales: 80% of the value in Treids

1º - You have identified an opportunity and are selling it on Treidou for 20 Treids.
2º - 200 people buy your opportunities
3º - You receive 3.200 Dings, which can be converted into $3,200.00 Tether (USDT) (BEP-20) or USD Coin (USDC) (BEP-20).

Getting paid for sales opportunities

When people start buying your opportunities, you start accumulating Dings and you can convert them into Tether (USDT) (BEP-20) or USD Coin (USDC) (BEP-20) and receive in your crypto wallet.

To receive, log in to the Treidou app > go to your account settings > go to sales > use the "claim" button. You will receive your reward into Tether (USDT) (BEP-20) or USD Coin (USDC) (BEP-20) account in your crypto wallet. You can change the payment method in your account settings.

You will get paid for your sold opportunities on the 5th and 20th of each month. Withdrawals requested until the 15th will be paid until the 20th of the current month, requests after the 15th will be paid until the 5th of the following month.

What are dings?

Ding is the token you receive when you sell opportunities and also as a reward for recommending Treidou to others through your referral code. The ding token can be converted into Tether (USDT) (BEP-20) or USD Coin (USDC) (BEP-20).

Referral rewards

Every time Treidou grows with your help, you are rewarded. Whenever a user uses your referral code to create a user, he will be linked to you. This means that you will be rewarded every time that user makes a purchase of Treids.

This reward takes place in Dings, which is our token that can be converted into Tether (USDT) (BEP-20) or USD Coin (USDC) (BEP-20). And the rewards respect the table below, according to the number of users who used their reward code:

1-20 users: 2% of all Treids used
21-100 users: 3% of all Treids used
More than 101 users: 5% of all Treids used

Your rewards will automatically be available for withdrawal 30 days after using Treids. The minimum withdrawal is 100 Dings ($100.00 USDT or $100.00 USDC).

To withdraw your rewards, log in to the Treidou app > enter your wallet information in your account settings > go to rewards > use the "claim" button.

You will receive your reward into Tether (USDT) (BEP-20) or USD Coin (USDC) (BEP-20) wallet. You can change the payment method in your account settings.

Treids and Dings

Treids and Dings are separate tokens and each has its own specific functions.

Treids you use to buy opportunities. You can buy treids in the Treidou app.

You use Dings to convert into Tether (USDT) (BEP-20) or USD Coin (USDC) (BEP-20). You receive Dings when someone buys opportunities from you and when someone uses your referral code and makes a purchase of treids.

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