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Choose the ideal plan according to your capital and then just enjoy the operations being carried out on your Binance account

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Plan 1


Capital in your Binance account: 500.00 USD

Maximum risk of daily loss: 25.00 USD

Daily profit target: 75.00 USD

Maximum risk of monthly loss: 125.00 USD

Monthly profit target: 420.00 USD

Plan price:

$ 31.25/mo

Plan 2


Capital in your Binance account: 1,000.00 USD

Maximum risk of daily loss: 50.00 USD

Daily profit target: 150.00 USD

Maximum risk of monthly loss: 250.00 USD

Monthly profit target: 840.00 USD

Plan price:

$ 56.25/mo

Plan 3


Capital in your Binance account: 3,000.00 USD

Maximum risk of daily loss: 150.00 USD

Daily profit target: 450.00 USD

Maximum risk of monthly loss: 750.00 USD

Monthly profit target: 2,520.00 USD

Plan price:

$ 150.00/mo

Plan 4


Capital in your Binance account: 10,000.00 USD

Maximum risk of daily loss: 500.00 USD

Daily profit target: 1,500.00 USD

Maximum risk of monthly loss: 2,500.00 USD

Monthly profit target: 7,375.00 USD

Plan price:

$ 437.50/mo

Plan 5


Capital in your Binance account: 30,000.00 USD

Maximum risk of daily loss: 1,500.00 USD

Daily profit target: 4,500.00 USD

Maximum risk of monthly loss: 7,500.00 USD

Monthly profit target: 25,125.00 USD

Plan price:

$ 1,125.00/mo

Step by step

How to start

Create account on treidou

First of all you need to have an active Treidou account. To create an account go here.

If you already have an account, proceed to the next step.

Understanding the plans

An automated trading plan on Treidou is for you to have the trades made by our experts automatically executed in your Binance exchange account (only available on Binance exchange).

You can find all available automated trading plans by logging into your Treidou account at https://app.treidou.com or the mobile app.

After logging in, open the dropdown menu by clicking on your avatar and then on Automated Trade.

For automated trading on Treidou, it is not necessary to transfer capital or cryptocurrencies to any account other than your own. Everything happens in your account and you have full control of everything at all times. At no time will we ask you to send money or cryptocurrencies to any wallet.

Each plan has its characteristics of required capital (capital in your Binance account), risks and objectives, in addition to the price of their respective monthly fees.

example of plan

Above you see card from one of the plans, in this case, the Marlin plan. On this card you have all the information of that plan. Are they:

Result: It is the current outcome of this plan since its inception which was on July 20, 2022.

P/L: It is the current profitability, calculated based on the capital required for this plan.

Price: It is the amount of Treids tokens needed to contract this plan (don't buy Treids yet!), with monthly payments. You also see the equivalent price in US Dollars. This cost is monthly and can be canceled at any time.

Avatar: It is the user responsible for this plan. All trades made on your Binance account will be sent by this user.

View details: Click to see the details and descriptions of this plan as shown in the image below.

plan details

Risks and goals

Trading in cryptocurrencies is very high risk, but also has high profit potential. A day where the maximum loss limit is reached represents only a day that was not good for trading. In the same way that a day when the profit target is reached represents just a great trading day.

plan details

On the card of each plan, when you enter "View Details", you will see the financial characteristics that are used in the trades carried out. Are they:

Required Capital: This is the amount required, in dollars, in your Binance account to use this plan. The percentage on the side is calculated based on this field. Therefore, each plan will have a capital requirement, in which you will choose the one that suits your needs.

Daily Risk: One of the most important fields. Represents the maximum risk of loss per day in dollars. This value should be tolerable for you, without causing ANY discomfort during trades.

The plan manager will try his best to respect this limit within the day, but differences may occur due to market circumstances such as liquidity and volatility. By contracting the plan, you declare that you understand and agree with it.

Daily target: It is the daily profit target in dollars. The person responsible for the plan will try their best to reach this limit and it will be their decision whether or not to continue whether or not this limit is reached.

Monthly Risk: Same understanding as Daily Risk, but refers to the current month.

Monthly Goal: Same understanding as Daily goal, but refers to the current month.

IMPORTANT: All of this information is planning metrics. These are the possible extremes with the capital used in each plan. But that doesn't mean that in a day of loss you will lose all that value. Nor does it mean that on a day of profit the described value. The decision to continue trading after some profit or loss is the decision of the plan owner and as we are talking about automatic trading, by signing a plan you agree with the decisions of the plan owner.

Signing up for a plan

Once you've chosen the plan that's right for you, you need to hire it. To do this, first read the terms of service and check the box agreeing to these terms. Then click "Subscribe Now".

signing up for a plan

Upon clicking, you will be directed to the payment checkout.

Pay to activate your plan. After payment confirmation, you will be redirected to the plans page. The contracted plan will be available in Subscription Plans, separate from the others.

After hiring the plan, go to step two.

Setting up your Binance account

To use the automated trading plans on Treidou you need an account on the Binance exchange. If you do not have an Binance exchange account, Click here to create your account. Referral Code: J9F56A0X

Before you can create your API keys, KYC must be approved in your account.

With KYC approved, make sure your account is set to English before creating your API keys. This option can be found in the upper right corner of your account.

configuration binance

Remember that your account must be set up in English.

Configuring API keys

Access the API Management page via the following path.

configuration binance

Now, most importantly, create your API keys, which is the communication between Treidou and Binance in your account..

On this page, click on Create API and define a name of your choice in the displayed window.

API keys

Authorize the creation of the API.

You will be presented with the API Key and Secret Key, do not close this window as the secret will be unavailable and you will need to create another key.

Copy the API Key, go to the plans page in the Treidou app, the same one you used to hire him, click on the key icon and enter the Treidou app password.

API Treidou

Paste the API Key in the API Key field.

Go back to Binance, copy the Secret Key and paste it in the Secret Key field and confirm.

If everything is ok, the key icon will turn green, as in the image above. If not, click on the key icon and check if it is turned on by the ON/OFF button. If not, turn it on.

Turn On

ON: means your API is enabled and all plans are active.

OFF: means your API is turned off and all plans are inactive.

Return to Binance, click Edit Restrictions to enable the required fields.

Just check the boxes below, according to the services you will use in Treidou.

Enable Spot & Margin Trading: to receive automated operations directly in the cryptocurrency market for the Single Trades or Automated Wallets service. (coming soon)

Enable Futures: to receive automated operations directly on the cryptocurrency futures market for the Automated Trade service.

Turn On

All you have to do now is allocate the contracted plan's resources in the market corresponding to the one you contracted.

Allocating resources to the contracted plan

If you already have the necessary balance in your Binance account, go to the Fiat and Stop page and click on Transfer.

Transfer Binance

For the Automated Trade service in the futures market, select the fields below and send the financial corresponding to the contracted plan, as shown below.

Transfer Binance

In order for you to receive the automated trades, send the necessary capital of your plan in USDT to the [email protected] Futures account, as shown in the image.

IMPORTANT: Other currencies will not be supported, we only use futures with USDT pairs to replicate the trades.

Now the trades will be copied and carried out in your account. You can close all your browser windows and no further action is required from you.

Understanding your plan

If you have performed all steps from step one and step two, your account is now ready and enabled to receive trade information. There is no need for any further action on your part.

To follow the status of your account, log in to Treidou, in automated trades go to the card of the plan you contract. Here you can check the status of your Automated Trade account:

Active: Means your plan is out of payment and within the renewal period.

Trailing: means you are using the trial period and will only be charged on the renewal date.

Pending: means your plan is pending payment but still active. You have up to five days to rectify the situation, otherwise your plan will be canceled automatically and open positions and orders can be closed/cancelled.

Inactive: means that you have deactivated your plan and are no longer receiving new positions and orders, nor their updates. BEWARE, any changes that occur while your plan is inactive you will not receive, even after activation (in this case, you will only receive new positions, orders and updates).

In the contracted plan you will also notice new fields when you click on view details.

Deteils Plan

By clicking on See Plan you will be directed to the contracted plan page, where you will be able to view the positions and open orders that the person responsible for the plan has sent, as well as the orders executed, so that you can compare them with the positions and orders received in your account .

See Plan

Cancel Plan: If you want to cancel your plan, you must click on this button. This means that your plan will not be renewed, that is, it does not represent an immediate cancellation. Cancel Now: This means that your plan status allows for an immediate cancellation, available if your plan is pending.

Edit credit card: if you want to change the credit card used to pay for the plan, click this button. You will be redirected to the checkout page to modify your card with the carrier.

Pay now in CC: If your plan is pending, which could be for various reasons where your credit card hasn't been charged, you can click this button to try again with the same card you used or, after modifying your card, by clicking Edit Credit Card

Pay Now with Treids: if your plan is pending due to a credit card refusal, you have the option to settle the payment with your balance in Treids tokens, as long as they are not tokens obtained with bonuses in any campaign. If so, in this monthly fee you will no longer be charged on your credit card, and such charge will only occur in the following month.

Card: the card registered with the operator for charging. We do not store or have access to your credit card information, only the last card numbers to identify the means used.

Value: is the monthly fee of the plan, in dollars.

Renewal: This is the date you will be billed again to renew your plan.

AutoTrade ON/OFF: by clicking here, you have the option to activate and deactivate your plan. As described above, a disconnected plan will not receive new positions and orders, nor will it receive new updates until it is reconnected.

Activities in your plan

Through Treidou and your Binance account you can keep track of what has been done and what is being done in the sub-account you created.

To monitor the performance of the contract plan by you on Treidou, log in to Treidou and in Automated Trades, click on the plan contracted by you and then on > "view details" > "see plan".

Open positions are naturally the trades that are currently open. In each position you will find the following information:

See Trades

Brand and Cryptocurrency Code positioned and, next to it, the result of the ongoing negotiation.

Price: Average price of the current position.

Size: amount of cryptocurrencies in the position, where green represents a long position and red represents a short position.

Result: Amount in USD that the open trade is generating profit/loss.

Position: Size (in %) and exposure value (in USD) of the trade in question. Therefore, a trade like the one exemplified above, which is 20% positioned, means that the person responsible for the position will be able to make more entries in that position. A trade with 100% represents that all the financials planned for that position were used and, above this percentage, it represents that the position in question is more leveraged than normal, allowing greater profits, but also proportional losses.


With the filter applied to Orders, you can filter them by:

Crypto = code of the desired cryptocurrency

Order = type of order desired, being Market, Limit, Stop Market or Stop Limit

Side = desired direction, whether buy or sell

By clicking on the "canceled orders" checkbox you will also see, under Closed Orders, the canceled orders in addition to the executed ones.


Here we have all the open orders, which were sent by the person responsible for your plan and must be in your Binance account. In this way, the time, cryptocurrency code, order type, order size in USD, executed price and order status will be displayed.

As the cryptocurrency market has many decimal places, there may be a slight discrepancy between the order made by the person responsible for the plan and the one shown in your account, but don't worry, it is perfectly normal and will not affect trading.

If the order line has a yellow background, it means that this order was entered/changed in the last hour, for mere verification.

Closed Orders

Here we have all orders executed by the person responsible for your plan, not on your Binance account.

In this way, the time, cryptocurrency code, order type, order size in USD, executed price and order status will be displayed.

As this list of orders is for verification and comparison with those executed on your account, the time and price displayed on your Binance account may contain minor changes due to the order submission deadline and its execution/replication in your account.

Error Orders

Finally, we have the orders that had an error when being sent, changed, executed or canceled. This error usually occurs between uploading from Treidou servers to Binance servers and can be caused by a number of reasons.

In addition to the fields, which are the same as in the other windows presented, here you will see an additional line below the order status, describing the reason for the error when generating the desired action.

Please note that a sent/changed/canceled order that communicated correctly to the Binance servers but, for some reason, after sending your command, did not correspond to the desired one, such an error will not be displayed in this Treidou window.

For example, a Buy Limit order has been entered for a certain cryptocurrency. This was sent and received in your account, being open, but when the price reaches its value and at the time of execution an error occurs preventing this action, the reason will be presented in the order list of your account at Binance and we do not have access to this information.

Click the Delete All button to clear this warning window. This will have no impact on open orders and positions, it will only serve as information to let you know when an error has occurred.

Treids and Dings

Treids and Dings are separate tokens and each has its own specific functions.

Treids you use to buy opportunities. You can buy treids in the Treidou app.

You use Dings to convert into Tether (USDT) (BEP-20) or USD Coin (USDC) (BEP-20). You receive Dings when someone buys opportunities from you and when someone uses your referral code and makes a purchase of treids.

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